NABA launches the competition “Multimedia” the best 5 projects will recieve 5 scholarships for the in Photography and Visual Design in September 2018.


Since its début in the world of media, photography has built multiple and fruitful relationships with various artistic disciplines, such as, painting, architecture, literature, cinema and music... Examples include the narratives of the work of Sophie Calle or the work of Boris Mikhailov, who draws on his prints, or Thomas Demand, who combines photography with sculpture, playing on references between images and three-dimensional models.

In these examples, the materials do not consitute the mere theme of the photography and the photographs do not depict architecture or paintings through the lens, but combine with the same in a deeper structural level, altering specificity and purpose.

The perception of photography as a single, distinct disciple has fallen by the wayside, in favour of new conceptual and material interactions: the limits of photography have become unstable boundaries and other disciplines are now included within the same to form a composite language. The resulting interdisciplinarity is the outcome of this network of integration and synergy. Photography is no longer alone.



The competition is open to candidates willing to approach the world of photography, arts, national and international communication and combine a solid historical and cultural base with highly developed technical and practical skills necessary for success in national and international markets.


The five best projects will be awarded a scholarship for partial coverage of the tuition fee to attend the Academic Master in Photography and Visual Design starting in September 2018.

• 1st prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 60% of the tuition fee to attend the Program
• 2nd prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fee to attend the Program
• 3rd prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 40% of the tuition fee to attend the Program
• 2 special mentions covering 20% of the tuition fee to attend the Program


May 11th 2018 - Deadline for submitting applications and projects
June 5th 2018 - Communication of results to participants
June 13th 2018 - Deadline for winners to matriculate

Projects in digital format must be uploaded to the following address:
or sent by e-mail to:
Paper works must be sent to:
NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
International Admissions Office
Via Darwin, 20
20143 Milan, Italy
When you submit your project, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours that your submission was received. If you do not receive a confirmation, let us know at: