Student Services

NABA, beside specific didactic and academic career related services, assists students with non-academic matters, including:

  •     Bureaucratic support for international students
  •     Healthcare
  •     Cultural, recreational and sport activities
  •     Deals with cultural and commercial services
  •     Student Counseling
  •     Support for students with learning or physical disabilities
  •     Student feedback collection
  •     Buddy Project
  •     Housing
  •     "Alias" Career


NABA assists students with the bureaucratic procedures required to obtain a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno), an Italian tax code (codice fiscale) and to open a bank account. It also provides students with information on how to obtain an Italian mobile phone number, public transport card and various other needs.


NABA assures assistance to students to help them register with the Italian National Health Service. It advises students on access to a General Practitioner, and helps them to book general and specialist medical consultations.


NABA organises and supports the Student Council “Consulta degli Studenti” with activities to promote integration and socialisation among students, such as: welcome and interaction projects between Italian and international students (see “Buddy Project”), sports teams and participation in official university tournaments and courses for free time.



NABA students can take advantage of the numerous deals the Academy has developed with various off-campus services and shops. These deals include discounts at art shops, sports centres, copy shops, medical centres and spas, cultural centers, theatres and various types of shops, as well as bars and restaurants near to the Campus. A list of the specific agreements is available in the “MyNaba” student intranet.

The Milan Identity Card, promoted by the initiative of Milano City Municipality and Chamber of Commerce, is available for NABA students and entitles them to discounts on the cost of admission to some of the most important cultural centres in Milan, is among the multiple advantages offered. These centres include: La Triennale di Milano, Piccolo Teatro, the Museum of Science and Technology, etc.

For updated information, visit the website >> (link

Moreover, thanks to the solution "per Merito"* by Intesa Sanpaolo, students who want to attend the Academy' courses can take advantage of a new economic support tool.

* "per Merito" is a credit product dedicated to students attending universities/academies in Italy and abroad, or post-diploma training organizations. For the contractual conditions consult the Information Sheets available at the branch of the bank and on the website in the section dedicated to young people.


A free counselling service is available to all students on campus.

The service aims to offer confidential listening to students, run by a professional counsellor, to help dealing with any difficulties that can emerge in different areas of their lives, including study, interpersonal relationships, their growth path, being away from home, coming from a different cultural context to the one they now experience, difficulty relating to other students, relationship problems, completing their academic career, etc.


The service for students with learning disabilities is to assist them in the educational experience, specifically using compensatory tools for examinations and/or for removal of obstacles in the learning process.

NABA does not offer specific tutoring or specially created learning tools, but it is committed to listening, informing and paying attention to be sure to remove any obstacles to the learning process and the use of spaces, equipment and services.


To monitor student satisfaction and collect suggestions that can be used to improve the education and services offered, NABA uses the various tools, such as: assessment questionnaires, dedicated meeting with student groups (Student Council and Student Forum), spontaneous meetings in various offices working in contact with the public, and a specific module, available from the Library, to point out any problems found and/or suggestions to improve services.

Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is a service that NABA dedicates to international students in their first year as well as to exchange students in all years at the Academy.

The aim of the project is to create a network of relationships for incoming students, making it easier for them to integrate. This project is also an opportunity to get to know the experiences of other students and to establish relationships with Italian students and students from all over the world.

Being part of the project means it is possible to take part in specific group activities aimed at boosting students’ relational skills.

A Buddy is a volunteer student, selected through a specific process, from students in the second and third year of the three-year course or the second year in the two-year course.

Their role is to support international students in the different areas of their life on campus and in Milan.


NABA supports its students in finding accommodation in private apartments and/or managed by selected providers.  
On Housing website you can find studio apartments, single rooms or shared with other students, located near the Campus, including photos, costs, location and services.
For more info: 
NABA’s Housing Office |

"Alias" Career

NABA wishes to guarantee all transgender students the possibility to live in a serene environment for their studies, where their privacy and personal dignity is respected, where interpersonal relations are based on fairness and mutual respect of individual freedom and inviolable human dignity.
This is why, starting from the academic year 2019/20, students who have commenced a certifiable gender transition process, can ask for a CAREER ALIAS, where instead of their given birth name, they can use a name that corresponds to their new identity for all activities and services on Campus and pertaining to their academic life.
A career alias consists of a complete change and is used until the end of the gender transition process.
The new identity will be used in lecture registers and for examinations.
To activate this process, the student must sign a confidential agreement with NABA.