Student Services

The Student Life Office assists students with non-academic matters by providing services that include:

  •     Bureaucratic support
  •     Healthcare
  •     Cultural, recreational and sport activities
  •     Deals with cultural and commercial services
  •     Student Care, student feedback collection and Counseling service
  •     Buddy Project

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The Student Life Office assists students with the bureaucratic procedures required to obtain a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno), an Italian tax code (codice fiscale) and to open a bank account. It also provides students with information on how to obtain an Italian mobile phone number, public transport card and various other needs.


The Student Life Office assures assistance to students to help them register with the Italian National Health Service. It advises students on access to a General Practitioner, and helps them to book general and specialist medical consultations.


The office organises activities directed at promoting student integration and socialization, such as:

  • Welcome cocktails or buffets for new student groups
  • Student parties either at the Campus cafeteria, The Corner, or outdoors
  • Leisure and personal development courses (biodanza, yoga, theatre, dance, etc.)
  • Extracurricular activities such as screenings of films with debates and off-campus aperitivi
  • Trips to the beautiful unusual Italian and European tourist destinations and ski trips
  • Official sports teams and participation in official university tournaments
  • Timebanking to exchange skills

All of these activities contribute to creating a friendly and welcoming environment, helping students feel part of the community.




Students at NABA can take advantage of the numerous deals the Academy has developed with various off-campus services and shops. These deals include discounts at art shops, sports centres, copy shops, medical centres and spas, cultural centers, theatres and various types of shops, as well as bars and restaurants near to the Campus. A list of the specific agreements is available in the MyNaba section of the website under “Deals” in the Student Life menu. This list is updated as appropriate during the academic year.

Further exclusive cultural services and opportunities are offered to NABA students thanks to the Milanese university international talent welcoming project Study in Milan, a program sustained by the Milan Chamber of Commerce together with numerous educational institutions in the city.

The Milan Identity Card, which entitles students to discounts on the cost of admission to some of the most important cultural centres in Milan, is among the multiple advantages offered. These centres include: La Triennale di Milano, Piccolo Teatro, the Museum of Science and Technology, etc.

For updated information, visit the website >> (link

Moreover, thanks to the solution "per Merito"* by Intesa San Paolo, students who want to attend the Academy' courses can take advantage of a new economic support tool.

* "per Merito" is a credit product dedicated to students attending universities/academies in Italy and abroad, or post-diploma training organizations. For the contractual conditions consult the Information Sheets available at the branch of the bank and on the website in the section dedicated to young people.

Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is a service available to all international students on their first year and to exchange students attending any year at the Academy.

The project aims to create a network of relationships for new students, facilitating their integration. The project is also an opportunity for new students to learn about the experiences of other students and to forge relationships with Italian students and students from all over the world.

Furthermore, by participating in the project, students will be able to take part in specific group activities. The initiatives are aimed at strengthening the relational skills of students.

What is a Buddy?

A Buddy is a student volunteer, selected through a special call for applications open to students on the second and third years of three-year BA courses and the second year of two-year MA courses.
The role of a Buddy is to support first year international students and exchange students regarding various aspects of their lives on Campus and in Milan, particularly during the first semester. These aspects include:

  • Overall support for new international students
  • An initial answer to questions from students and indications on how to obtain more detailed answers
  • Building relationships between new and existing students
  • Opportunities to get involved in groups
  • Information on activities organised by the Student Life Office

A Buddy helps international students starting their first year or exchange students to:

  • Get used to their new life as a student at NABA
  • Make friends with people from other countries
  • Become familiar with Italian culture
  • Improve their language skills
  • Have a good time


Student Care offers various support tools to students: from individual counselling directed at addressing problems, difficult times and reactivating personal resources, to group counselling aimed at discussing and helping each other out with regard to various aspects of each individual’s experience at NABA. Student Care is also a point of reference for students with specific learning disorders (SLD), such as dyslexia, and collects student feedback from class representatives at the Student Forums and from the whole class at the Student Council.


A free on-campus counselling service is available to all students free of charge. The Service was created with the intention of offering students the opportunity to be heard, in order to help them tackle difficulties during their study path, complications in interpersonal relationships and to help them adapt. Students may struggle, for example, with being away from home, adapting to a different culture, coping with examination anxiety or an approaching graduation/completion of studies, or experience difficulties in relationships with fellow students or in an individual’s personal life.

The Counselling Service offers a short cycle of individual consultations (up to a maximum of 10/15) on a weekly basis, lasting approximately 50 minutes each. Students may request to commence a second cycle of meetings after a certain period of time.

SLD support and physical disabilities support

NABA’s Student Care services are also offered to students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and physical disabilities.

The service aims to facilitate the learning experience of students with learning disabilities, e.g. the application of appropriate exam modality and/or breaking down learning barriers, in addition to monitoring academic careers. NABA does not offer specific educational tutoring or ad hoc educational tools, but it undertakes to listen, inform, pay attention and to break down any barriers to the learning process. In order to benefit from Student Care services, students should submit a medical certificate to the Registry Office and contact the Head of Student Care.


Student Forum and Student Council

Student Care collects feedback from students in a structured manner by means of the Student Forum and Student Council, where student and Academy representatives meet and exchange feedback.

Student Questionnaires

NABA periodically collects feedback from students on their educational experience at the Academy using Student Questionnaires. The results of the questionnaires are carefully processed in order to make sure the students are listened to and educational quality is constantly improved.