Starting from the belief that a single discipline is not enough to fully grasp the complexities of the contemporary world, the courses belonging to the Visual Arts Department situate themself as new cross-disciplinary centers that integrate most diverse contemporary artistic practices.

Putting art at the center of education as a language and method allows us to create fluid links between such multifaceted practices as visual arts, publishing, graphic design and editing, curatorial studies, critical studies, creative writing, public art, theatre, and performing arts. NABA’s Visual Arts Department is a laboratory based in critical studies and production that puts experimental methodology into action. Our students are able to enter the complex art system and job market almost immediately, as well-trained young professionals who are able to creatively work with space, signs, images, and language, in order to provide real solutions to concrete problems.

The area focuses on:

  • Art education—a lens enabling students to view the past, present, and future of art
  • Art as a method—allowing the invention of cross-disciplinary practices serving one’s specific artistic needs
  • The academy as a site of production—learning through experience in the field
  • Art as an agent of social transformation—providing real solutions for a real world
  • Developing one-on-one relationships with talented international practicing professionals