Aldo Lanzini

Course Leader of the MA in Fashion and Textile Design


The works of the Italian artist Aldo Lanzini combine art and experimentation from within various media, from performance pieces and installations, to the employment of crocheting methods used to create masks and sculptural costumes, to the conception and dissemination of the fetishized stuffed creatures “Illegal Aliens.”

His works are infected with the everyday, transforming his undertaking into a brilliantly creative and joyous process that, in turn, becomes a sort of celebration of contamination that traverses between theater and dance, fashion and music, set and costume design, needlework and drawing, poetry and crochet.

Lanzini’s art, influenced by his time spent in New York’s alternative club scene of the mid-to-late 90s, has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and has been central to many editorial projects, academic essays, theatrical performances, and collaborations with fashion and design houses from Europe to America.