Summer Courses Application

  • All classes are held in English, so a fluent understanding of the English language is required.

  • You should be 18 years of age. If you are 16 but show a strong motivation, NABA will consider your application on the condition that a written declaration of responsibility is sent by your parents or legal guardians.

  • Please carefully read the course descriptions before applying to a course, as NABA will take no responsibility if you choose a course level that is not suitable to your background and skills.


You can apply on the Web or by email:

  • Offline application: download the application form the this page, fill it out by hand, scan it, and email it to

    file type icon Application Form



    Account holder: Nuova Accademia s.r.l., Via C. Darwin 20, 20143 Milano, Italy
    Bank name and agency: Gruppo Banco BPM - Agenzia 10 Ml
    Bank details: SWIFT code: BAPPIT22 - IBAN code: IT28 L05034 01610 000000020020
    Reason for payment: Important: Clearly state the student’s name and the /program chosen (e.g., the Summer Course).


    NABA has partnered with Flywire in order to streamline the process of international payments. Flywire allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, typically in your home currency.

    By making your payment with Flywire you can

    - Track your payments from start to finish.
    - Save on bank fees and exchange rates.
    - Contact Flywire’s multilingual customer support team with any questions, day or night.

    Visit to begin the payment process. Please note that you (the student) must cover all bank, credit card, and third- party charges.

    All fees are VAT free according to the law D.P.R. 26/10/1972 nr. 633.

  • Online application: apply only by clicking the button and follow the steps to reserve your spot and pay on line by credit card.

Tuition Fees
€ 1,595two-week session (45 hours of class time over 9 days)
€ 2,795four-week session (90 hours of class time over 18 days)
€ 3,995six-week session (135 hours of class time over 27 days)

The fees include: class work, lectures and guided visits included in the program.
The fees do not include: travel expenses, accommodation, local transportation and meals.
Total fees are due by the start date of the course and under no circumstances students who  have not finalized the payment will be admitted into  class.
Please note that NABA Summer Courses 2018 have a limited number of places that will be therefore assigned on a first come-first accepted basis.