Accreditation & Recognition

NABA is a private institution belonging to the Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM) system, a section of the Italian university system governed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

All of NABA’s Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Academic Master’s programs are accredited by MIUR. Earning a degree from an accredited academy gives students an advantage when seeking work, and allows students to continue their studies in academies and universities in Italy and abroad.

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NABA adopts an internal evaluation system of teaching and research activities, interventions on right to education and administrative management in accordance with the procedures of the Quality System UNI ENISO9001:2008 and ministerial regulations.

The above functions are performed by a collegial body called the Evaluation Team.

The Evaluation Team has been established by resolution of the Academic Council on 14 October 2015 (D.D. nr. 19/15 of 14 October 2015) and is composed by:

- Mr. Gianfranco Minisola, retired Manager of the Ministry of Education, University Research - former General Direction of AFAM

- Mrs. Daniela Pina, Professor of Information Sciences, Head of Quality Management Systems

- Prof. Amos Bianchi, Professor of Aesthetics and Film History at NABA

The Evaluation Team is supporting the Office Academic Processes coordinated by Annalisa Bottoni

NABA has received the Certificate of Civic Merit from the Milan City Council for its contribution to the development of culture and education in the Lombardy Region.

NABA has an agreement with Regione Lombardia (Lombardy’s regional authority) that allows qualified students to benefit from contributions given by the Authority for the Right to University Study (Diritto allo Studio Universitario, or DSU).

NABA’s Srl is certified by the auditing company Deloitte & Touche.

Institutional Relationships

NABA has collaborated and continues to collaborate with many prestigious Italian cultural institutiones, including: the Triennale di Milano, Fondazione FORMA per la Fotografia, MiArt Milano, Isola Art Center, Centro Artistico Alik Cavaliere, Castello di Rivoli, Documenta 13, Documentation Center for Visual Arts (DOCVA), Museo di Scienze Naturali, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea (MUFOCO), Provincia di Milano, Comune di Milano, Provincia di Torino, Art Directors Club Italiano (ADCI), Piccolo Teatro di Milano, La Verdi Auditorium di Milano, Diane Pernet of ASVOFF, Associazione Sodalitas, Campagna delle Nazioni Unite per gli Obiettivi del Millennio, Fotografi senza Frontiere, AIM, Caritas, Libera, Terre di Mezzo, Praga International Marathon, Milano Metropoli Agenzia di Sviluppo, WWF, Fondazione Magica Cleme, and more.

NABA is also among the founding universities of the Fashion Educational Platform, an association that links the National Chamber for Italian Fashion and the City of Milan with the fashion schools of the Lombardy Region.  

Together with other local universities, NABA participated in creating the Milan Universities Portal, a service that provides information and benefits to students such as discount cards.

Relationships with International Schools

At NABA, we believe that studying abroad is an important part of becoming culturally sensitive, globally aware artists and designers. We therefore nurture relationships with prestigious international universities where NABA students may study abroad.

NABA is a member of Galileo Global Education, a post-secondary education group focused on higher education in the fields of applied arts, design communication and management. It also has an extensive network of partners across the globe that offers students amazing study abroad opportunities. 

NABA's partner universities and institutions include:

  • London College of Fashion in the United Kingdom
  • BTK in Germany
  • UE Madrid and ELISAVA Escola Superior de Disseny in Spain
  • Bilgi University in Turkey
  • Aalto University School of Art and Design and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland
  • Santa Fe University of Art and Design, NewSchool of Architecture and Design, Pratt Institute, Cornell University, San Francisco State University, West Virginia University in the United States
  • Pearl Academy of Fashion in India
  • Kyoto University of Art & Design and Nagoya University of Arts in Japan
  • UVM in Mexico
  • Universidad UNIACC and Diego Portales University in Chile
  • Los Andes Universidad in Colombia
  • Hongik University in South Korea
  • Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Israel
  • East China Normal University, Tsinghua University, China Academy of Art, Donghua University, Beijing Normal University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Soochow University in China
  • RMIT in Australia
  • Media Design School in New Zealand