Proof of Language Knowledge

Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs (Diploma Accademico di 1° Livello), Master of Arts Degree Programs (Diploma Accademico di 2° livello) and one-year 1st Level Master’s courses are taught either in English or Italian.

The level required for programs taught in Italian is complete B1 in accordance with the CEFR.

The level required for programs taught in English is IELTS 5.0 or equivalent certificate of English.

For a complete list of English language certifications accepted by NABA, please refer to the relevant sections of the application forms for three-year BA courses or two-year MA and one-year 1st Level Master’s courses.

Students who submit the aforementioned language certificates (Italian or English in accordance with the medium of instruction of NABA course) do not have to take the language test.

Students who do not provide a suitable language certificate at least one month before the start of NABA courses will have to take an English or Italian language test at the NABA campus.

Language tests take place concurrently with the start of courses (end of September for courses starting in the first semester and end of February for courses starting in the second semester). Details on the examination are provided to all students by e-mail to the address provided during the application phase.

Students who do not fully meet the language requirements of the Academy will be accepted with additional learning obligations (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi - OFA). The language gap is to be closed during the first year of the course through the attendance of on-campus remedial courses. Italian and English language remedial courses are compulsory, free-of-charge and take place at the Academy’s Language Centre.

Therefore, the results of the language test (Italian or English) taken by students at the beginning of the course do not prevent their acceptance onto the BA Programs, MA programs, and 1st Level Master programs but may determine the additional learning requirements to be met by the attendance of specific language remedial courses. For further details see Directorial Decree DD 29-17 of 21.12.2017 and relevant annexes.