Design Area

NABA takes a broad, interdisciplinary approach to product and interior design, applying a methodological process to design and reflecting the tradition and identity of the Italian design culture.

Students in NABA’s Design Programs develop different scales of design projects by cultivating a conscious relationship between the spatial dimension and the design of products, services, and interaction systems.

In their third year, students can choose to specialize in Product Design or Interior Design
Upon completing the BA, they can opt to continue their studies in a two-year master’s program in Product Design or Interior Design. 

While the BA program focuses on experiences that develop the student’s capacity to manage the technical and decision-making aspects of design, the MA programs promote close cooperation with professionals in an assortment of workshops that expose students to ideas and strategies and enable them to develop their own design visions and identities.

Key themes of the NABA Design educational philosophy include:

  • The history of art, architecture, and product design
  • Promoting an understanding of design cultures, human values, and aesthetics relevant to a “new industrialisation”
  • Materials and technologies of artisanal and industrial productions
  • Theories about surfaces, forms, lights, colors, and expressive codes as elements of interior designs and product designs rich with sense and meaning
  • Manual and digital drawing and modelling representation systems
  • Teaching and professional practice led by a faculty of excellent designers
  • Close connections with companies fostered through guest lectures and workshops led by industry professionals