Set Design Area

The area of Set Design analyses in depth the critical dimension of each project; the development of skills and competencies enhances students’ inclusive approach to an interdisciplinary world.

The world of show business—theatre, live performances, musicals, dance, opera, television, cinema, and fashion shows—enjoys a continual evolution. 

New materials, new technologies, new rules and new ways of putting on productions demand a lot from a theatre designer. The role of the set designer and creator is that of an essential collaborator within a working group, who actively participates in space design, lighting and costume design, investigation of new materials, and organisational planning and budgeting.

Within this context, NABA’s three-year BA program in Set Design offers a broad, interdisciplinary education in theatre design by providing students with critical, technical and methodological tools. 

The program prepares students through authoritative lectures, practice workshop exercises, and design experiences outside the university. Students are guided to define the area they wish to pursue as a career or to continue with a two-year master’s program