Fashion Design Area

The NABA’s Fashion Design roots are in its academic tradition; its anthropologic vision connected with visual art, media, and design; and its location in Milan, the heart of the fashion industry, with fashion shows, magazine publishers, and a culture of art and design.

From these solid roots a young and up-to-date school has sprung, one that is aware of the fashion industry’s need to respond in real time to market requests and that anticipates new possibilities for students’ professional futures. 
NABA’s focus on the connection between fashion and artfosters professional excellence and more job possibilities 

With a fundamental approach that is both creative and practical, the school leads each student to find and develop his/her own talents, guided by accomplished faculty members through experiences of collaboration with companies that are connected to the cultural, social, and economic life of the city. 

Professional knowledge and skills grow in an atmosphere of curiosity and motivation, looking at and working out things more than simply seeing and recording them.

The educational pathway involves the transformation of students into professionals, through principles of clear and authentic personal growth:

  • Living a creative profession
  • Enhancing the motivation to hone skills
  • Learning the tools and techniques that express design content
  • Finding one’s own personal skills through teamwork
  • Exploring new job possibilities
  • “Fashion Is a Language”: discovering new vocabularies through cross-cultural collaborations
  • Communicating one’s own identity through fashion design projects

Fashion Area PROGRAMS

BA in Fashion Design

Fashion Design tr

MA in Fashion and Textile

Biennio Specialistico in Fashion and Textile Design tr