Become an immersive creator is nowadays a great challenge for filmmakers and media producers. The course will deal with all the aspects connected with realizing a 360° video, using nowadays most relevant technologies. Students will learn and practice the workflow of a video production aimed at a Virtual Reality project, going through concept development, technical workflow, preproduction methods, 360° video shooting, editing and finalization. Students will first of all gain an in-depth understanding of the 360° camera landscape and which works best in various scenarios. Afterwards, they will get ready to start shooting to make post-production as efficient as possible and will practice options for stitching, editing, and publishing your 360 videos. At the end of the course students will design and produce their own 360° video project to propose to the audience for a VR experience. The course does not require any VR knowledge. Basic video/photo shooting techniques are recommended but not essential.





This course is suitable for students with some background in multimedia and for students who have completed one or two years of university studies.

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