Students will learn to create effective, powerful images and interesting illustrations applicable to different professional areas.
The course will cover all the aspects connected with the production of a successful short movie: drawing, design, animation, storyboarding, acting, timing, and scriptwriting.
Throughout this intensive course, students who have an elementary knowledge of photography, will be introduced to specialized techniques and materials.
This course will be continuity of Photography I, and it will enable students to further deepen their knowledge of photographic techniques and to further develop their expressive skills.
The work of the curator includes a plurality of skills with multiple approaches to understand present times, to interact with the past, and to produce new perspectives.
This course aims to dive into different aspects of the realm of painting, by reflecting upon the methods used to represent subjects.
This course aims to deepen the preexisting knowledge of the realm of painting.
During the exploration of various creative processes, students will gain an understanding of materials and tools used to engrave artistically. 
This course teaches students to develop a new method to represent and rearrange of the key concepts of Visual Arts.
This course aims to give students an overview of digital tools in contemporary art markets, from well-founded platforms such as social media, to recently developed apps and software.