Being twenty at the time of Coronavirus: a sound diary

Being twenty at the time of Coronavirus (original title Avere vent’anni ai tempi del Coronavirus) is a podcast curated by professor Rodolfo Sacchettini and [...]

NABA Limited Edition Sleek Cans for San Benedetto

Congratulations to the students of the BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction Andrea Bartoli, Yuri Falcioni and Francesco Magni, whose project was selected by San Benedetto as the bes[...]
NABA per San Benedetto nelle Lattine Sleek Special Edition 2020
Il Triennio in Creative Technologies sbarca su GitHub

NABA BA in Creative Technologies on GitHub

The Coronavirus emergency lockdown led NABA to put into effect a quick and innovative reorganization of the didactic activities and services through virtual tools. The [...]

NABA takes part to the Virtual Design Festival

NABA is pleased to announce its participation in the Virtual Design Festival, the first international digital design festival promoted by Dezeen in collaboration with Ventura Future, [...]
NABA partecipa al Virtual Design Festival


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