Congratulations to the winners of the XIII Nabawood edition: Simone Bozzelli, Davide Palella and Patrizia Succetti NABA students of the BA in Media Design and Multimedia Arts.

A jury composed by: Fabio Capalbo (director) Marilisa Cosello (artist), Matteo Fumagalli (filmmaker, youtuber and alumus of the BA in Media Design and Multimedia Arts) and Cristina Piccino (critic) selected the winners.

The short Loris sta bene by Simone Bozzelli won Best Movie, while the Special Jury Award was assigned - ex aequo - to the shorts Timmy the Seahorse by Davide Palella and Tse Tse quando un orso piange by Patrizia Succetti. The winners earned three 450€ gift cards each, to be used at FCF Forniture Cine Foto srl.

We would like to thank all the Nabawood winners and participants. As usual, it was a pivotal moment where students were able to present their annual projects, but also a moment of assessment between authors and public.

Updates and information: https://nabawood.wordpress.com/