On Wednesday 29th November, NABA Visual Arts Department and the FM Centre for Contemporary Art are staging an international seminar dedicated to those artistic practices that have rendered the display the main object of their reflection and production in the Carroponte hall at the FM Centre. After fifteen years since its first appearance as a NABA platform for curatorial debate, the annual cycle of meetings entitled The Utopian Display sets out once again with a totally renewed format.
Utopian Display: Props & Tools sets out to bring together some of the main exponents of this trend. They will try to make them dialogue with one another and articulate the discourse around concrete experiences and speculative nodes, such as the current relationship between the display systems and forms of control or empowerment; the relationship between production and presentation structures, and the burden of institutional critique on the current generation, etc.

Speakers: Can Altay, Celine Condorelli, Josef Dabernig, Liu Ding, Petra Feriancova, Luca Frei, Falke Pisano, Marko Tadić
Moderated by: Andris Brinkmanis, Marco Scotini and Elvira Vannini
Don’t miss this opportunity!!

29 November 2017, 10 am – 6 pm
FM Centre for Contemporary Art
Via G.B. Piranesi, 10, Milan, Italy