NABA BA in Graphic Design & Art Direction students from the Brand Design course, participated to the contest ‘Embrace the Future’ in collaboration with the European Packaging Design Association and Drupa. The projects elaborated innovative ideas for Drupa - the no.1 for printing technologies – at the 2020 @ Messe Dusseldorf exhibition. The winning group, ‘The set of human's life’ – Erica Caimi, Federico Croci, Raffaella Sabella, Alessia Tempestini, will have the opportunity to work in a creative team with professional designers.

A special thanks goes also to Patrizia Moschella (Course Leader of the BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction) and Luca Ferreccio (NABA teacher) and to the European Packaging Design Association for their support in this collaboration.

The jury states:

Packaging as the scenery of Human´s life – awesome concept and message. The idea of having giant packagings at the show, which can be entered by the visitors, is fantastic to deliver a new experience. Really creative advertising designs and messages. The presentation was fantastic from the beginning to the end, great design, great story, great ideas and great way of presentation. They shown creative ideas and concepts and an out of the box thinking, but feasible too.


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