From 12th January to 2nd April 2018, NABA will be at La Triennale with the exhibition called 999: A Collection of Questions on Contemporary Living, an exhibition conceived and curated by Stefano Mirti. The exhibition consists of a series of questions on the places of our lives, and it illustrates the theme of housing, as we have never seen it before. The exhibition is a sweeping investigation of the concept of house and home, living and dwelling, on the borderline between the physical and digital worlds. It is a journey through new realms of the imagination, which are transforming our lives. It is an innovative, wide-ranging, collaborative, and ever-changing exhibition, which evolves in space and time.

Visitors will embark on an authentic journey through the home of a future that has become present, moving from one room to another and personally interacting with a whole series of new ways of living.

999: A Collection of Questions on Contemporary Living

Curated by Stefano Mirti
12th January
2nd April 2018
La Triennale di Milano