On June 22 will take place the most important event for NABA Fashion Design: the Final Fashion Show.

NABA BA in Fashion Design and MA in Fashion and Textile Design students will have the opportunity to present their collections on the catwalk taking place in Milan.

The BA students worked on the theme “CULT – From Gods to Goods”, proposed by Nicoletta Morozzi, creating their outfits. A prestigious jury composed by journalists, influencers and professionals from well-known companies has selected the best projects for the catwalk. The MA students will present the 17 collections they have realized during the academic year.

The event will host the projects designed by students from international universities: ECNU East China Normal University, SUES Shanghai University of Engineering Science, ZUST Zhejiang University of Science & Technology, Tsinghua University, Pearl Academy e UVM Universidad del Valle de México.

NABA students have worked on the whole organization of the fashion show thanks to the art direction by Paolo Bazzani. The music of the BA fashion show has been realized by students of the Certificate Program in Sound Design, curated by Igor Muroni. For the MA fashion show the sound is curated by A.Aviance.




Course Leader of the BA in Fashion Design: Colomba Leddi

Course Leader of the MA in Fashion and Textile Design: Aldo Lanzini

Fashion Projects Advisor: Nicoletta Morozzi


for Fashion Design: Alessandro Manzi, Miao Ran, Claudia Nesi, Anna Cardani, Simona Costa, Kaidi Wang

for Fashion Styling and Communication: Paolo Bazzani, Michele Corradini, Raphael Monzini, Andrea Bianchi, Marcello Dino, Ivan Bonchev, Elisa Anastasino, Alessia Covri

for the MA: Simone Colombo e Aldo Lanzini

Thanks to:

Anna Paola Dos Santos Silva, Ekaterina Matantseva, Silvia Personeni, Camilla Magnani, Patrizio Orlandi, Carmelo Zocco, Ali Karami, Elena Adamou and Francesca Bricchi,  Giorgia Rosano  - fashion lab

stylist/casting: Antonio Moscogiuri

Supported by: Arctic Paper, Catrice, Converse, Lampo e Prograf

Special projects in collaboration with: Cargo, Lectra, Kuraray, Missoni, NABA SOUND, Studio Paolo Bazzani