NABA students of the BA in Visual Arts, in Design and in Graphic Design coordinated by NABA teachers Marco Bongiorni and Alberto Bettinetti are currently competing against other 3 international design institutes at the “Turn your mind on, use your hands" contest by Motomorphosis. NABA will have to create a graphic idea dedicated to selected brands and later submitted that idea by April 30, 2018. The proposals will be selected and viewed by and with the companies that will choose which one will then be reproduced on the Motomorphosis motorbike, symbol of the association, and will become that way an unconventional and alternative communication means. In order to present their best proposal, NABA students will be able to contact the branded companies through Motomorphosis. This will help to be more effective and realistic in the interpretation and reflect the reality of the companies.

The aim is to get students to think and help them gain greater awareness towards the individual and collective consequences that can come from an improper use of vehicles, motorized and not (also as pedestrians), from rude and bad behavior, and more generally from disrespectful behavior.

Good luck guys!!