Media Design Area

NABA integrates cutting-edge fields of contemporary digital production, such as audiovisual narratives, gaming, non-linear video storytelling, and interactive stages

Acknowledging the inevitability of media convergence and the ever-increasing prevalence of interactive digital technologies, this school offers programs that expose students to a comprehensive array of electronic media production techniques and skills. 

Its innovative approach synthesizes theoretical inquiry, creative experimentation, and the refinement of technical facility—all in the service of a balance between practice and research.

The Media Design programs develop professionals who can direct and manage all phases of the production process for all forms of electronic media.

Theoretical courses provide students with the interdisciplinary conceptual tools they need to understand the complexity of today’s media world; on the other hand, thanks to the relationship with relevant professionals in the field, students are able to create and manage projects in an increasingly dynamic audiovisual environment marked by the ongoing digital revolution.

Students will learn how to manage the complexity of the production process by gaining experience with scriptwriting, camerawork, editing, interactive practices, and experimental research.