A special thanks to all NABA BA in Graphic Design & Art Direction students, part of the class in Art Direction II, for joining the communication campaign competition launched by LILA Milano to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the organization. Among the contenders, a big shout out to the winners: Angelica Massa, Eleonora Valentini, Fabiana Natali, Gabriele Muselli, Jennifer Gazzignato, Mattia Pavin and Nicolò Pavin.

The students were asked to develop a fully integrated social awareness campaign amid to young generations, pointing at HIV dissemination. They were tested to use key words as: people, everyone, battle, secularism, truth, provocation and irony.

LILA - Italian League for the Fight against AIDS - is a non-profit HIV/AIDS organization founded in 1987. It is a federation where both HIV positive and HIV negative operators, volunteers and professionals work together to prevent HIV/AIDS.

Congrats guys! Keep an eye out for the communication campaign! It will be released soon! Follow LILA Facebook page!