Italo Rota

Communication and Graphic Design Advisor


Angelo Colella developed a remarkable experience as art director working in important Advertising Agency, in the '80s he decided to pursue a career in the graphic and type designer sector. He worked with Albe Steiner and he curated a number of exhibitions and set-up inspired to social theme as “Infortuni sul lavoro” e “Lo statuto dei Lavoratori” realized in collaboration with Associazione Magistratura Democratica di Milano, he also worked to coordinate the image of “Centro di Ippoterapia per bambini”, Ospedale Niguarda di Milano.

He designed exhibitions with Gianni Colombo, Emilio Isgrò and Lucio Del Pezzo, Gabriele Basilico, Marcello Morandini and Christoph Broadbent.

He designed and coordinated brand identity for many companies as Fiam Italia, Gualtiero Marchesi, Société Genéralé, PPG Univer, Archema, Poliform, he also was the responsible of the Prague International Marathon image and Czech Federation Basketball image.

He worked as Creative Design Director, area corporate, for important international companies as Publicis, Republic Lab, Ebs Design of Praga, Arnold World Wide (Havas Group), Milano AD (Carpe Diem Group).

He dealt with publishing industry as responsible of magazine for “Grafica e Disegno” and “Progetto Repubblica Ceca”. He is associated with ADI PDA and Type Director Club of New York.

He collaborated with NABA since the Academy foundation, at first as professor of Graphic Design then as Director of Department of Communication and Graphic Design. Currently he is Communication and Graphic Design Advisor.