Business relations

NABA’s Industry Relations & Career Services Office develops collaborative relationships between the academy and the professional world, working with businesses and organizations to create and pursue common projects such as those described below.


NABA and Domus Academy have together launched C-Park, an online portal for innovative projects that connect the academies with companies, institutions, and research agencies.

C-Park activates and coordinates a creative workforce of faculty, professionals, alumni, and students in an effort to provide companies and institutions with research and analysis in the fields of design, business design, architecture, communication, graphics, fashion, media design, and visual arts.

By creating workgroups of highly innovative professionals, C-Park aims to facilitate research projects on design themes and responses to company briefs.

Visit the C-Park website to learn more:


Industry professionals on the faculty of NABA teach in-house refresher courses and training to local companies. Courses are customized for professionals who are interested in exploring the areas of fashion, design, interior design, architecture, business, and communication design.The courses are also designed for companies, associations, agencies, and consulting firms in any field that wish to apply design methodologies and innovative multidisciplinary approaches to various aspects of their business.

Course types include:

  • Exploring Courses
    Exploring courses comprise seminars, case histories, and visits to museums, exhibitions, and/or design studios. Designed for professionals with diverse experiences, they provide a brief overview of the key elements of Italian art, design, fashion, and lifestyle.
  • Design Workshops
    Design workshops include seminars and case histories held in the classroom and at the company site. They also include visits to design conferences, exhibitions, and studios. These courses are customized for professionals who wish to focus on a specific subject area within design, refresh their knowledge of design, or explore a new perspective on a particular subject.

  • Advisory Workshops
    Advisory workshops are organized for professionals who want to learn about best practices in design and design thinking in order to enhance their design-related work. The program includes visits, case histories, and brainstorming.

For more information about company training courses, contact:

Industry Relations & Career Services Office
T: +39 02 97372263
T: +39 02 97372281


The Career Services & Industry Relations Office develops relationships with companies in order to set up internship agreements, employment opportunities, and interactive projects between students and businesses.

As part of this effort, the Office has launched Darwinsquare, an online platform dedicated to the professional advancement of NABA students, alumni, and faculty. Through this virtual “square,” companies can advertise internships and placements and select the students and graduates who best fit their requirements.

Darwinsquare enables companies to:

  • Search for CVs of our students, alumni, and lecturers and select the most relevant profiles
  • View user portfolios in a format that maximizes readability and speed of use
  • Involve students and alumni in project initiatives
  • Publish job and internship announcements

Sign up and start viewing profiles of our talented students and alumni: Darwinsquare