On July 12, Giulia Masciangelo, NABA student of the BA in Fashion Design, won the Special Project Swarovski Award at the contest set up by ISKO I-SKOOL. The goal was to create a proper denim outfit and adorn it with Swarovski crystals that would best fit the garments.

The international contest has now reached its 4th edition. It involved about 60 students from globally recognized Fashion and Business School.

As a reward, Giulia will have the opportunity to spend three-month doing an internship experience at the Swarovski Creative and Design department in Milan.

ISKO, part of the Sanko Tekstil Group, is the branch focused on denim dedicated to cotton yarns. It differs from other producers in its approach to the manufacture of the fabric through very eco-sustainable industrial processes that do not use oil nor gas. The ISKO I SKOOL project was born thanks to this philosophy that rewards the young creative talents of the future.

Congratulations Giulia!!!