Claudia Neri (NABA teacher of the BA in Graphic Design) wanted to challenge her 26 students of the first year of the BA in Graphic Design, asking to describe My Milan graphically. The project was intended to be the call to guide friends to discover the city.

The winner of the contest turned out to be Marie Olga de Poortere with the project entitled 'Evolving in Milan'. Thanks to a lively and decisive graphic style, using a few words and many pictures, Olga expresses all the facets of the emotions experienced during this period: freedom, suffering, falling in love and goals achieved.

When Claudia asked us to create the ‘My Milan’ project, it seemed a good idea to use myself as the main subject. Milan was the first city in which I lived away from home. During the stay, I have changed and have evolved. I wondered: why not make it a story? (Marie Olga de Poortere)

For Olga her suggestions are not a tour guide. These are the changes, the experiences made in two years and four semesters. Always looking for an improvement.

Congrats Olga! We are so proud of you!