Toys for All is a research project created in collaboration with C-Park (a centre for innovation and experimentation sustaining projects of companies and institutions ), the students of NABA BA in Design led by Vered Zaykovsky and Natascia Fenoglio and l’abilità Onlus - an association that deals with children with very serious disabilities -. It was meant to devise and prototype toys able to be employed by children who are normally skilled and children with disabilities.

Toys for all aspires to inclusivity starting from games currently on the market that everybody can use. Toys For All is a project inspired by the need to ensure that all unpaired and disabled children may enjoy the "right to play": a necessary element of growth, maturation and well-being. Supervised by Carlo Riva (director of l’abilità), Elisa Rossoni (Spazio Gioco coordinator) and supported by NABA courses’ teachers, the students did a craft work to pick the most suitable materials, analyze their functions, and transform the existing toys into working prototypes that will be tested with the children hosted at Spazio Gioco.

Among various games the students had the chance to create, we can mention: lo Stallerie, il Canestro, Ella, Toccatè, il Gioco dell’Oca, Memory and many others.