On June 24th, there were announced the winners of the 7th edition at the Biennale Giovani 2017. The event was held at the Orangery of the Royal Villa of Monza. The Biennale aims to focus the attention on young talents of the Italian artistic panorama, to investigate nowadays expressions of creativity.

Among the eight winners, three NABA talents: Gaia De Megni and Jacopo Martinotti BA in Painting and visual arts students and Martina Brembati MA in visual arts and curatorial studies student, guided by Marcello Maloberti, NABA Visual Art teacher.

The selected projects are:

Gaia De Megni, Untitled screens 002, 2017, marble engraving, series of 3. Her work has been appreciated because it succeeds in delivering 'languages that mingle, make synthesis and create an original poetic solution'.

Jacopo Martinotti, Il Divo, 2017, digital printing in B/W on photographic paper, Unique ed.. It displays, nonetheless, a work by the artist’s performative look that embodies a figure of the Divo who, along with its bare torso, reminds of the body plasticity of classical inspiration.

Martina Brembati, Disincanto, 2017, iron and micaceous paint. The jury was thrilled by the ability of the artist to stress the concept of threshold, a physical and spiritual boundary line and, at the same time, to bring back to life to the magic of that enchantment that so many have ceased to believe.

The winning projects granted the right to be included at the Monza Civic Collection.
The exhibition will be open until July 16th.
Congratulations Guys!

Biennale Giovani 2017
Orangery of the Royal Villa of Monza
Viale Brianza, 2 Monza