From April 2 to September 12 the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, NABA and Domus Academy will take part into the XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016.

The three academies continue along the path of their international collaboration addressing crucial topics, exploring next scenarios and defining the shapes of the future design education. The project is the result of a multicultural experience connecting cultures and traditions by pushing and extending school concepts and visions into the XXI Century.

The concept development started with the idea of ‘Noosphere’, an evolving classroom built as a pavilion in the Triennale garden.  An authentic learning experience in a living environment in which students, teachers, visitors, and nature are connected through the common experience of a constant evolving learning through projects, workshop activities, lectures, events and exhibitions on seven main themes: Variety and complexity of design objects. The evolution of functional art //Bionics, design and artificial intelligence: a shared platform for future synergies // Design and future society. Future design culture applied to education // Hyper-connectivity and collective intelligence. An urban, domestic and public perspective // Italian design after design // The big waste: an ethics/ aesthetics challenge // Biological science. Energy utilization from biosphere.

Academy of Art & Design Tsinghua University – NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano – Domus Academy


Curated by: Su Dan (Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University), Italo Rota (Scientific Director NABA and Domus Academy), Gianluigi Ricuperati (Creative Director Domus Academy)


NABA and Domus Academy

Building Design: Italo Rota
Institutional projects leadership: Francesca Zocchi with Anna Durante, Ginevra Stuto
Academic contents: Alberto Bonisoli (leadership), Domus Academy and NABA faculty
Communication: Matteo Blandi, Sabrina Di Pietrantonio with Angela Ambrogio,
Federica Arrighi, Patrizia Sciglitano, Antonio Anaclerio and NABA BA in Graphic Design
and Art Direction students Nicolò Frontini, Riccardo Suardi, Vincenzo Tortora

Tsinghua University

Assistant Curator: YANG Yunzhao
Building design assistant: CUI Jiahua, LANG Yujie, WANG Hongwu, ZHENG Jing, QIAN Hanxuan
Media Plan and Design: SHI Danqing, ZHAO Huasen, DAI Dai
Furniture research: YU Lizhan
Experimental Art Research:LI Tianyuan, REN Ri
Material research: WANG Yue
Parametric design research: XU Weiguo

Design & 3D modeling: Emilio Antinori, Vincenzo Franchino, Alessandro Zomparelli
Prototypes: Matteo Abbiati
Robot YuMI: Oscar Ferrato, Emanuele Lomello
Boxes Installations: Studenti NABA Giorgia Amabili, Catarina Dos Santos, Chen Ruy, Arianna Summo. Studio Italo Rota Carlo Ferrari, Marco Fabris.

Bamboo Installation: Studio Cardenas with NABA and Domus AcademyStudents Diana Butuc,

Vasinee Hongyantarachai, Shin Wai Lam, Alice Lamperti, Kang Hua Lan, Alessia Pastori, Mikel Peruch, Vashish Soobah, Xinxin Sun, Veronica Volpe, Renny Fitriaristi Wulandini, Xinyi Zhao

Production partner UNIClass
Construction partner ForMALIGNO

Thanks to ABB, Arch. Emilio Battisti, Bencore, BONOTTOEDITIONS, Gondrand by Fercam spa, KOSNIC LIGHTING LTD (LED light appliances), Marzorati Ronchetti, Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia, Paolo Mussat-Sartor,Sharebot,Studio Nucleo


From April 2 to September 12 the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, NABA and Domus Academy will take part into the XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016.