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NABA launches the competition “New humanity” the best 5 projects will recieve 5 scholarships for the Master in Product  Design in September 2017

Il Brief

The decadence of the models supporting development over the last century is now evident, as are the strategies developed by design culture to ensure that a system with globally-visible weaknesses survives. For years Design has worked to safeguard consolidated methods of consumption, creating concepts of beauty, ideas of well-being and future metropolis, architecture, interiors and products.
The Design culture, alongside the industry, has accepted the logics, mechanisms and values of this, assuming a problem-solving role and often renouncing any tendency to doubt the basic paradigms of production, distribution and consumption systems.
In historical moments of industrial history that inclination has opened new ways to the “objects and homes” of man. Our proposal for this competition is to “divinely capture” the urgent needs required by the great transformations in act from the discipline of design; micro projects able to illustrate possible futures based on paradigms and values relating to a different idea of living:
• new ways of making and producing
• new uses of materials and energy
• renewed ideas of beauty and wellness
• new ways of distributing, possessing, accessing, consuming and using...
• small projects containing some indication of a new design season for the “objects and homes” of a New Humanity



The competition is open to young designers coming from architecture, product design, and engineering faculties or professionals willing to explore the boundaries and constraints of the world of product design, acquiring and widening their knowledge, critical awareness, original thinking.


The five best projects will be awarded a scholarship for partial coverage of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA in Product Design starting in September 2017.

• 1st prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 60% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program
• 2nd prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 50% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program
• 3rd prize: nr. 1 scholarship covering 40% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program
• 2 special mentions covering 20% of the tuition fee to attend the first year of the MA Program


May 12th 2017 - Deadline for submitting applications and projects
June 6th 2017 - Communication of results to participants
June 13th 2017 - Deadline for winners to matriculate

Projects in digital format must be uploaded to the following address:
or sent by e-mail to:
Paper works must be sent to:
NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
International Admissions Office
Via Darwin, 20
20143 Milan, Italy
When you submit your project, you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours that your submission was received. If you do not receive a confirmation, let us know at: