NABA is pleased to launch the scholarship competition “Italian Lifestyle and Culture” for the 2017 Summer Courses Edition.

NABA wants to motivate young international talents eager to undertake an intensive summer study experience in Milan, the cutting edge of creativity, by offering 20 half scholarships (50%) on tuition for one of the NABA’s 2-week Summer Courses running through June-August 2017.

Please note: This competition is valid only for the Summer Courses based in Milan.



What is Italian Culture? How do Design, Architecture and a unique way of life influence design and lifestyle trends?

Taking inspiration from the beauty of Italian landscape and the richness of its traditions and customs, applicants must submit a creative project that expresses the essence of Italy through design (projects to be developed in any tool that the applicant is familiar with: e.g. sketches, illustrations, computer graphics, video, photography, collage, etc.).

Please notice that the chosen technique must be related to the field of the course for which applicants are applying to (e.g.: an applicant selecting Interior Design courses should submit a project related to Interior Design).



Download the Competition Brief frob the button at the bottom of the page.

file type icon Summer Competition Brief

Interested candidates shall submit the following materials via e-mail at indicating in the subject “2017 Summer Courses Scholarship Competition – Italian Lifestyle and Culture” by and not later than February 17th 2017:

  • NABA Summer Courses Application Form
  • The creative project on the Competition’s brief “Italian Lifestyle and Culture”
  • Short description in English (max. 200 words) of the concept of the project highlighting reasons supporting their choices

Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition via email by March 3rd  2017.



20 scholarships covering the half (50%) tuition fee for one of the 2-week NABA Summer Courses 2017 based in Milan