This course will introduce you to product design and to its related creative methodologies, through a project-based learning approach.

In your first week, you will discover Madrid’s key design locations and learn to generate, develop, and defend your design ideas, using simple tools to represent your ideas, from freehand drawings to block models. During your second week, you will experiment with your own hands, using basic design materials and fabrication techniques to produce designs and small models for a real project: an urban sun shade that will be installed in the Madrid Rio urban park to protect pedestrians from the summer sun and heat.


Explore the vibrant life of Madrid, the golden capital that never sleeps. Madrid charms visitors and locals alike with its rich cultural life, nightlife, and gastronomy, and with its narrow, winding streets that open onto colorful plazas like the vibrant red Plaza Mayor and the bustling Puerta del Sol.

Various empires and architectonic styles have left their mark on this amazing city, which is also known for its contemporary avant-garde architecture and world-class museums, including the Museo del Prado, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

A center of art, design, and food, Madrid is also one of the greenest cities in Spain, with an abundance of trees and public parks such as the enormous Retiro Park, where friendly locals welcome international visitors to enjoy the amazing summer weather among plenty of cultural activities.


Aimed at future design students, this course is conceived as a project-based learning process, where students will design and work with their hands, using materials that are simple to use and manipulate.

  • All classes are held in English, so a fluent understanding of the English language is required.
  • Please carefully read the course descriptions before applying to a course. The schools are not responsible if you choose a course level that is not suitable to your background and skills.
  • We will accept bookings from students 18 years old and older. If you are 16 or 17 but show a strong motivation to take introduction-level or experience-level courses, we will consider your application on the condition that your parents or legal guardians send a written declaration of responsibility.
  • We recommend that you bring personal equipment to use in class, such as your laptop, sketch pad, etc. Suggested items will be listed in your welcome materials, which you will receive prior to the beginning of the course.

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Please refer to the table below to discover the fees for two or four-week session in Madrid.

€ 1,395two-week session (45 hours of class time over 9 days)
€ 2,495four-week session (90 hours of class time over 18 days)

Housing fees vary depending on the selected options (kind of room, distance from school, Air Conditioning, etc.).

€ 430 - 715two-week session
€ 891 - 1,485four-week session

Please contact the following email to receive the application form:
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Applications will be accepted until and not later than three weeks before the course begins, depending on the availability of places in each course.

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