At NABA, we are committed to supporting our prospective students. To that end, we have a dedicated team of educational advisors who will be happy to provide information about program curricula, post-graduation career opportunities, and companies that collaborate with NABA on student workshops and internships.

To expose talented young artists and prospective students to NABA, we organize several events during the year, on campus, online, and in locations abroad.

On Campus Events


Studenti Open Day 01

During each Open Day at NABA, you have the chance to experience the creative, vibrant atmosphere of NABA’s campus. You can meet and speak with faculty and current students, take a tour of the campus, and explore our outstanding facilities.

Counseling Interviews

Orientamento ai trienni - NABADay

Parents, teachers, and prospective students, are welcome to visit NABA and speak with our educational advisors to find out more about program curricula, facilities, and post-graduation career opportunities. They will support you in finding the best option for your career.

Class Visits

Orientamento ai trienni - NABAVision

Our International office organizes guided tours for high school/secondary school students. Upon request, the visit can be structured to focusing on one or more degree programs.
If you are a professor please contact us to organize your visit.

Events Across the world

Educational Fairs

Orientamento ai trienni - Saloni di orientamento

NABA representatives regularly attend the most important and famous educational fairs all over the world. During those events, you can visit our booth and speak with our educational advisors to find out more about our school.

School visits

Orientamento ai trienni - Presentazioni nelle scuole

Throughout the calendar year, NABA educational advisors visit high schools/secondary schools all over the world to introduce our academic offering to prospective students and support them choosing the right path of study.

Educational Advisors

Orientamento ai trienni - Colloqui individuali

Thanks to an extensive network of offices and educational advisors, NABA is maintains a presence in more than 65 countries around the world. If you want to get in touch with one of our local representatives please contact us.