Scholarships and Financial Aid

NABA is proud to support talented prospective BA students with scholarship opportunities and financial aid.

If you are planning to enroll in one of NABA Bachelor Degree programs, you can save 10% off the tuition fee by applying before January 31st. Being an early bird to submit the application will help you gain a bigger chance to be matriculated and start your new student path.

To attract and encourage outstanding students, NABA offers scholarships to partially cover the tuition fee for students of the following programs starting in October 2018:

  • BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction
  • BA in Fashion Design
  • BA in New Technologies for Applied Arts - Digital Production
  • BA in Design
  • BA in Theatre Design
  • BA in Painting & Visual Arts
  • BA in Media Design & Multimedia Arts


NABA offers financial aid consisting of a partial reduction of the tuition fee, to deserving students who have financial constraints.

Requests will be evaluated based on the student’s academic merit combined with the student’s financial situation. In order to apply for financial aid, students must first meet enrollment requirements for their program of interest. Students are requested to:

  • Financial Aid Application Form
  • Write an official letter specifying the reasons for their request.
  • Provide official documents proving their financial situation (e.g., income tax return, bank statements, pay stubs, etc.; documents must be submitted in English).

Requests will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Board at the end of each month. Students will receive an official communication from the NABA International Admissions Department informing them of the Board’s decision.