Tuition Fees

Below are the tuition fees for NABA’s Bachelor of Arts (BA), and undergraduate Diploma programs.*

NABA offers scholarships and financial aid to qualified and talented students who do not have the financial means to attend our school.



The tuition fee for the three-year Bachelor of Arts Degree / Diploma Programs - Academic Year 2017-2018, varies according to your family income bracket (which should be declared within the European Union) according to the chart here below:

Income BracketHousehold income

Tuition fee per academic year

5th Income BracketOver Euro 100,000€ 13,530
4th Income BracketUp to Euro 100,000€ 11,460
3rd Income BracketUp to Euro 70,000

€ 8,430

2nd Income BracketUp to Euro 45,000

€ 7,210

1st Income BracketUp to Euro 20,000

€ 5,140

In order to define the correct family income bracket please read the guides attached

file type icon Income Bracket Assignment Guide

file type icon Income bracket

ProgramTuition fee per academic year
Bachelor of Arts (BA)€ 15,950
Diploma Program *€ 15,950

* Diploma program: Students who do not meet the entry requirements for admission to a three-year the bachelor’s degree may attend the same three year program without earning credits. Diploma programs have the same curricula and the same examinations as the BA programs, but they lead to the awarding of a NABA diploma rather than a degree.



    Account holder: Nuova Accademia s.r.l., Via C. Darwin 20, 20143 Milano, Italy
    Bank name and agency: Gruppo Banco BPM - Agenzia 10 Ml
    International bank details: SWIFTCODE: BAPPIT22 - IBAN CODE: IT28 L05034 01610 000000020020
    Reason for payment: Important! Clearly state the student’s name and the program chosen.


    Visit this link: Online application
    Note that you can use this method for paying the application fee only—not for paying tuition.


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