Once you have completed the admissions test, you will receive your results within five working days. If the result is positive, you will receive a conditional admissions letter.

Your admission to the Bachelor of Arts degree program will be confirmed after you have completed the “Perfezionamento documenti (a collection of required documents)” with your local Italian Embassy/Consulate and provided NABA with the required language certificate.


The “Perfezionamento documenti” consists of:
  • An Italian translation,  made by a certified translator, of your original secondary/high school diploma (or a temporary substitute certificate) notarized by the proper authorities in the country where the diploma was issued, if foreseen by local regulations.

  • “Dichiarazione di valore in loco” (Declaration of Value) of your secondary/high school diploma. The “Dichiarazione di valore in loco” is a document attesting that academic qualification you earned in your home country is valid for enrollment in Italian Universities and Academies.

In order to complete the “Perfezionamento documenti”, your Italian embassy or consulate may also require:

A certificate attesting that you have passed the university entrance examination in your country of origin (i.e. Selectivad in Spain, Gao Kao in China, ÖSS in Turkey, ...)

Two passport pictures (one of them must be notarized by the Italian embassy or consulate)

Only for programs held in Italian: an Italian language and culture certificate, if available


The notarized and translated documents, as well as the “Dichiarazione di valore in loco,” may be sent to NABA directly by your Italian consulate or embassy. If the consulate/embassy sends them to you, please make sure you submit them to NABA’s International Admissions Office as soon as you receive them.

In order to complete your enrollment, you must:

  • Confirm your place. You have one month to confirm your place by paying your pre-enrollment fee.

  • Return copy of the official matriculation form, which you will get together with your acceptance to the program.

  • Apply for your visa at your local Italian embassy or consulate.

  • Obtain the Dichiarazione di valore in loco  (as explained above).

  • Pay the tuition fee.

  • The final step of the enrollment process ends with the submission to NABA of the original copy of your Declaration of Value and matriculation form, upon your arrival on campus.