On Thursday 20th March, there will be the inauguration of the exhibition Still Life. Not dead yet. The exhibition is the final project developed within the short course in Curatorship designed and held by Andris Brinkmanis, Course Leader of the BA in Painting and Visual Arts, together with Elvira Vannini, professor at NABA .

The exhibition, hosted at Art in the City, will remain open until 26th March. On display will be the works of 7 artists including: Hjelvik Cecilie Andersen , Ruben De Sousa , Roberta Garbagnati , Julia Maiorano , Charles Honey, Qian Miao and Renk Sarp Özer .

The main theme of the exhibition is the investigation of the relationships between objects, individuals and contexts.

STILL LIFE . NOT DEAD YET is in actual fact a play on words that comes from the English translation of “still life” and its literal decomposition into two distinct terms : still (yet) and life (living) , meaning ” yet living ” or, not dead yet.

From something inanimate and intangible, the object becomes the fulcrum of the relationship between people, giving shape to meanings. The objects tell stories and experiences. They also represent traces, which are born from humans to convey something that will endure over time. A sort of memento, which inquires precisely on the transience of existence.

Still life, not yet dead – objects that continue to live beyond the death of their condition.


Still life. Not dead yet
Thursday, 20th March, at 18:00
Exhibition open until 26th March
Art in the City
Via Medici 15, Milano