NABA is pleased to host Emilio Isgrò – one of the most influential Italian artists of the international panorama, for Doppia Luce, a series of lectures curated by photographer Valentina Tamborra.

During the lecture titled “Non-aligned”, Emilio Isgrò will discuss the concepts of ambiguity and authenticity: we must always say what we think at the cost of being “non-aligned”. Is art a political commitment? And what form should it take in a constantly changing society?

The lectures are organized with the BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction, Course Leader Patrizia Moschella, with the participation of professors: Gabriele Sassone, Marco Bongiorni, Guido Cesena, Sergio Spaccavento, Antonella Cirigliano, Jacopo Martinoni and Alberto Bettinetti.

“Doppia Luce”
May 22th, 6.30 pm
Room G 0.4, NABA Campus