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NABA is going to be part of Digital Design Days –  event focused on Digital Design which will take place in Milan in June, with the speech titled “The Pathway to Creativity”.

The speech, curated by Elonora Manto - Industry Relations Manager and Daniele Bisello - Domestic Enrollment Manager, will present NABA’s programs in particular the BA in Media Design and Multimedia Arts and the BA in New Technologies for Applied Arts, and discuss Design Thinking approach in the Industry 4.0 revolution and the collaborations with companies and industry professionals.

Digital Design Days is a 3-day event offering exclusive conferences, the second Offf Milano edition, professional workshops, digital showcases & installations, a party, an unmissable experiential Gala DDDinner and many more networking activities.

NABA @ Digital Design Days
June 1st, from 3pm
Aqua Conference Room
Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan