NABA continues the collaboration with “LIBERA. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafia”, hosting the seminar dedicated to the gambling addiction analyzing the psychological and social aspects of an increasing phenomenon connected to criminal organizations. The seminar will be focused on the role of the social and commercial communication analyzing communication campaigns and projects realized by NABA BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction students.

Curated by Patrizia Moschella, Course Leader NABA BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction.

Mauro Croce, psychologist ASL VCO and teacher at SUPSI in Lugano
Chiara Andra’, researcher at  Maths Department, Politecnico di Milano BetOnMath Project
Lorenzo Frigerio, National coordinator Libera Informazione 
Giangiacomo Ollari, NABA teacher 
Roberto Bernocchi, NABA teacher and Responsabile Csr Armando Testa
Laura Nava, graduated NABA BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction
Marcela Nohemi Vidarte, graduated NABA BA in Graphic Design and Art Direction

Seminar part of “ Mafia e antimafia –  Seminari interuniversitari 2014 a Milano. Le mafie non conoscono crisi”, thanks to the convention signed in Milan on March, 13th 2014 among 7 Milanese Universities and LIBERA.

La macchina criminale. Slot machine e nuove dipendenze. 
Chi vince in comunicazione?


3 October 2014, 9.30 am
Room L 0.2
NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano
Via C. Darwin, 20 Milan