From September 4 to 8, 2017 took place at UNITEC Honduras, institution part of the Laureate International Universities network, a training session hosted by NABA faculty members to achieve the NABA International Certificate Program. The training session revolved around three main activities:

- ToT – Training of Trainers: The ToT was developed in 3 parallel sessions: Graphic Design and Art Direction, Italian Fashion Design and Design of Products and Interiors. The ToT involved 29 teachers from 3 different institutions: UNITEC Honduras, Uip Panama and ULatina Costa Rica.

- 4 Workshops with 85 Unitec students.

- 1 Conference titled “Design and Play, Play and Design” held by NABA own speakers: Liuba Popova, Paolo Borrelli, Luca Buttafava and Diego Terna.

Well done to the Faculty and the Staff members involved in the project!