Soft skills assessment

How do you stand out in a crowded job market? By showing employers not only that you were a good student, but that you’ll be a great addition to their team.

What employers demand, according to a survey of more than 5,000 of them around the world, are employees who excel at:

  •     Analyzing and Solving Problems
  •     Working Well With Others
  •     Achieving Objectives
  •     Learning and Self Development
  •     Adapting to Change
  •     Cultivating a Strategic and Entrepreneurial Mindset
  •     Applying a Global Mindset
  •     Generating ideas and innovating
  •     Upholding Ethical Standards and Demonstrating Social Responsibility

LPA (Laureate Professional Assessment) is a free online tool developed by leading talent management company CEB which can show you how well you score on these workplace competencies. This will allow you to:

  •     Get practical advice for improving
  •     Choose electives and activities
  •     Show potential employers that you have the skills they need

The LPA is available only in the Laureate International Universities network, giving you a competitive advantage.